About liventura

liventura is an independent full-service marketing agency developing creative concepts for the digital age and real life. We help our clients to communicate with their targeted audience using the latest technologies, the social web as well as virtual spaces and position their brand where it matters most.

Selected work

3-D Environment Nokia World

For the trade show “Nokia World 2008” in Barcelona the design development of the Nokia Siemens Networks stand was developed, documented  and approved in the 3D environment during the different phases. Especially programmed virtual models were created by our 3D team to demonstrate the interactive functionalities of the stand for the decision makers.

We were able to deliver a series of virtual prototypes in very short intervals and to reduce the costs for complicated real mock-ups of the stand. The final model can now be used as virtual trade show for clients worldwide. Nokia Siemens Networks engaged us to develop their corporate 3D web activities - starting in 2007. In workshops and meetings on a regular basis our crew supports especially the marketing team in the strategic development of 3D web as new marketing channel for online communication.

liventura also hosts the Nokia Siemens Network´s virtual 3D web presence and establishes the new medium as collaboration plattform for meetings, fast and cost-efficient 3D prototyping and as a new technology for easy-to-understand presentations for employees and clients.

Watch the video of the Nokia Siemens Networks stand

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