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liventura is an independent full-service marketing agency developing creative concepts for the digital age and real life. We help our clients to communicate with their targeted audience using the latest technologies, the social web as well as virtual spaces and position their brand where it matters most.

Selected work

Edunex - Technology Advisors


In 2008 T-Systems founded the Edunex advisory board for the educational sector (Edunex-Beirat). The board consists of representatives of the 12 German states and other technical advisors. Our Thorsten Köhler was appointed as technical advisor for the board. He helps T-Systems developing a special hardware device for students and teachers called EduKey and setting up the new usability concept for the educational web portal “Edunex”.

“It is a wonderful target to help the school kids in Germany with a new educational concept and innovative tools. For this project we use all our knowlegde in Web 2.0 development, design and usability.”
(Thorsten Köhler)

Beirat: www.edunex-beirat.de
Edunex: www.edunex.de

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